Lola - Biodegradable Balloon Garland Kit


This DIY Balloon Garland Kit is perfect for your baby shower, bridal shower or little one's birthday celebration.

- Includes Biodegradable Premium Latex Balloons

- Easy to inflate and assemble

- Looks amazing and lasts for more than a week

- No helium required, only air - balloon pump recommended

It is super easy for you to create this garland yourself at home. The DIY Garland Kit includes with all the balloons you need (in two sizes), garland strip and instructions with a link to our video tutorial.

The finished garland is approximately 2 metres long and we recommend using a balloon pump to inflate your balloons. No helium is needed, this garland is fully air-inflated.

Save Time - Inflate and assemble a day or two before the party - This garland will last for a week or more.

Easy to Hang - This garland is air-filled so it does not float but it is easy and very light to hang with small removable wall hooks (not included).

Biodegradable - All the balloons in this kits are made from natural rubber latex derived from renewable resources in the USA and are 100% biodegradable and compostable. 

Colours Mix: Pearl Pink, Light Pink, Gold & White.

Kit Includes: Mini Balloons, Standard Balloons, 2m garland strip, instructions. Balloon pump recommended and sold separately.

Party Inspo: Find all the details of this beautiful party setup by talented Mum Nat on the blog - Lola's Fairy-special 2nd Birthday