Balloon Pump


The best way to inflate balloons for balloon garlands is with a handheld balloon pump. Saves so much time, breath and energy, plus no more putting latex in your mouth!

Can be used to inflate all balloon sizes from mini and standard to midi and jumbo. Can be used to inflate all foil balloons.

Dual action pump means air is pushed out in both the forward and backward motions which means less effort and energy is needed for a faster inflated balloon.

Aren't all balloon pumps the same? No they are not. You will see that cheap balloon pumps are made of a number of different parts glued together - especially the bottom base piece. This will come off during use and your cheap pump will no longer work.  You cannot glue or tape it back together - we know because we tried! Cheap balloons pumps are also not dual-action meaning air is only pushed out in the forward motion (so every time you re-inflate the pump in the backwards motion air escapes from the balloon and it takes longer and requires more effort). 

How is our balloon pump different? The body of our pump is a single piece with a screw top meaning the base cannot and will not come off. Our pumps are dual-action - air is pushing out on both the forward and backward motion meaning it takes half the effort and half the time to inflate a balloon compared to a standard pump. These pumps are made to last. Store it in your party box and use it year after year to quickly and easily create fun celebrations when you need to.