Confetti Club Rewards Program

Toss the confetti - you're invited! Confetti Club VIP Members earn Party Points with every purchase, as well as bonus perks like free shipping codes, special discounts, surprise gifts and giveaways throughout the year! Party Points can be redeemed to save $$ on future celebrations. It's free to join PLUS you'll receive a BONUS 200points to use straight away!

Confetti Club VIP Rewards


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Confetti Club FAQ's

Q: Is it free to join? Yes, it is completely free to become a Confetti Club member

Q: How do I join? Create or activate your account here: Join Confetti Club

Q: Do points expire? Yes Party Points expire after 12months

Q: What can Party points be redeemed for? Use your Party points to save $$ off you order! Start using them straight away, 100points = $1saved

Q: Can previous orders be credited to my account? No. You start earning Party Points when you set up your account, we are not able to credit previous orders 

Q: What other perks do Confetti Club Members get? As well as earning Party Points, Confetti Club members receive bonus perks throughout the year like free shipping codes, special discounts, first access to new season products and sales, surprise gifts and giveaways!

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