Need some Easter inspiration for setting your table? Here we show you how to set and style a pretty party Easter Table with our Iridescent Pastel plates, cups and napkins.

Styling Tips:

1. Layer your plates - Layering your plates ads a little extra wow to your table giving the overall look a most professional and styled look.

2. Co-ordinating & Matching colours - Choose a colour theme and use co-ordinating or matching colours for all the items you are setting on the table, here the colour theme is Pastel Easter so all the items on the table match in colour.

3. Centrepiece - You centrepiece is chance for you to get creative, include elements such as height, colour and interest. An easy way to create height is to place your centrepiece on a cake stand, also makes it easy to move if necessary. The colours in your centrepiece should tie in with your overall theme but can include pops of accent colours, and be sure to add interest with decorative items, greenery, florals or unique elements that fit your overall theme.


February 22, 2021 — Lovely Occasions