How to Set Up A Bluey Picnic Party

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With the launch our our new Bluey Party Collection we created this super sweet and simple Bluey-inspired picnic party that you can easily re-create yourself with these 5 easy steps:

1. Choose Your Location

We chose the backyard as we are having the party at home. This worked really well as we set up the picnic on the grass next to the adults gazebo area which also offered the picnic area some shade. The kids had space to run around, jump on the trampoline and play party games.

2. Set up the Cake Table

Set up the cake table first, positioning it in the perfect spot with a nice background for photos and shade for the cake. Add a table runner and your inflated balloon garland. We used the Mini Bluey DIY Balloon Garland Kit and a hand balloon pump to and inflate it and assemble it the night before.

We attached our balloon garland to the table with a garland table stand so it would stand upright on it’s own. The table stand poles were a little longer than the garland so we added a few tassels at the ends to hide the pole.

If you don't have the table stand you could hang the garland above the table, or drape it down over one side.

Add a table runner, drink dispenser and a few party hats, paper cups, paper straws and a sprinkle of confetti. Don't forget candles, lighter and knife to cut the cake.

We finished the cake table by adding the printable bunting to the front of the table.

Click here to download the Bluey free printables

Our cake is by the lovely Lisa of Bakeistry -

bluey party cake table brisbane

3. Set up the Picnic

Lay down the blanket in front of the cake table, making sure to leave room to walk between the tables. Our large navy blanket from @ladybrisbanepicnics matched the Bluey theme perfectly, you could also use rugs or overlapped smaller blankets. Add the low picnic table on top of the blanket.

Low Picnic Table - Our picnic set up is by @ladybrisbanepicnics here in Brisbane - - but you can also DIY by simply using any low table you have at home - a coffee table or kids playroom table will also work great.

Add a table runner, scatter cushions and a few mini balloons on the blanket.

bluey picnic party sydney

4. Set the Picnic Table

Setting the table makes the party table look more polished and inviting. Start by layering the plates and napkins then add in party hats, cups, food and mini balloons.

Layering starts with a large plate, then a napkin, a small cake plate and top with a party hat, cupcake or party favour. Do this for each place setting, alternating the colours if you like.

Add the cups and straws and finish with a sprinkle of confetti over everything.

I also placed these super cute Bluey lollipops from Posh Lollipops on each plate -

bluey party table

5. Party Boxes

Consider serving your party food in party boxes. There are so many reasons why this is a better way to serve party food -  Each child gets their own box with their name on it which means:

  1. Parents can monitor how much and what food the child has eaten
  2. Catering to allergies and intolerants is so much easier
  3. Parents can check whats in the box before kids eat the contents
  4. Stops kids touching all the party food with their hands
  5. Reduces wastage
  6. Eliminates cross-contamination
  7. Makes portioning & shopping easier
  8. Kids can take home and eat later
  9. Stops open food drying out, as well as flies and bugs
  10. Looks stylish and fun
  11. Easier to prepare and transport
  12. No washing up

We tied a helium balloon with a cute tassel to each of the party boxes which made them part of the decorations as well as a whole lot easier for the kids to take a balloon home.

bluey food party boxes

BONUS TIP: Photos - 30min Before Start Time

30minutes before the party is due to start and guests arrive put out the cake and take photos of your amazing work. You probably won’t get a chance later so do it now while it all looks the best.

If you really don't have time then ensure you allocate this to someone - friend, husband, first parent to arrive - anyone who can take a decent photo on your phone. Trust me you'll thank me for it.

bluey party on pintrest

Bluey Party Games

Keepy Uppy - Keep a balloon in the air without touching the ground. Each child should have their own air-filled balloon.

Hide & Seek - Who doesn't love a game of hide & seek!

Garden Bingo - This is a great one for keeping the kids occupied in the garden. Similar to a treasure hunt, give each child a card with pictures of everything they need to find in the garden. It can be things you have hidden, or garden items.

Bubbles - A staple at parties these days as they delight kids of all ages

Dance Party - Put on some music and Bust a Bluey Dance Move! Kids love it when the grown ups get involved in this one, and it's a great way to burn off all the sugar!

Trampoline - If you have a trampoline in the garden already add it into the party as an activity.

Traditional games like Running Races, Egg & Spoon Race, Obstacle Course, Pin the Tail on Bluey are also all easy fun games.

Bluey Party Favours

Kids go to so many parties these days, sometimes 2 or 3 in one weekend! So if I choose to do party favours I like to use things that are sweet, simple and aren't just going to end up in the bin. I love things like colouring sheets with pencils, a game to play at home, a treat to enjoy later, a Polaroid photo souvenir, a balloon or a book. 

For this Bluey Picnic Party I created Bon Bon favours for each guest to take home, inside was a Bluey colouring sheet, pencils and a balloon to play Keepy Uppy at home. We also gave everyone a beautiful Posh Lollipops Bluey lollipop. 

Later I had the idea to create a Bluey Memory/Snap Game Set for each child using the Memory Game from the free printables. All you need to do for this is simply print, cut and laminate the game tiles into a game set for each child. 


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