Bluey Party Games

Keepy Uppy - Keep a balloon in the air without touching the ground. Each child should have their own air-filled balloon.

Hide & Seek - Who doesn't love a game of hide & seek!

Garden Bingo - This is a great one for keeping the kids occupied in the garden. Similar to a treasure hunt, give each child a card with pictures of everything they need to find in the garden. It can be things you have hidden, or garden items.

Bubbles - A staple at parties these days as they delight kids of all ages

Dance Party - Put on some music and Bust a Bluey Dance Move! Kids love it when the grown ups get involved in this one, and it's a great way to burn off all the sugar!

Trampoline - If you have a trampoline in the garden already add it into the party as an activity.

Traditional games like Running Races, Egg & Spoon Race, Obstacle Course, Pin the Tail on Bluey are also easy fun party games.

Bluey Party Games

August 25, 2020 — Lovely Occasions