Don't you hate it when your perfectly planned Easter Egg hunt ends with a basket full of melted and smooshed choccy eggs?! We've got 5 ideas for an Easter Egg Hunt that will get the kids eggs-cited and outside (off devices!) and keep the choccy eggs chillin' in the fridge:

1. Easter Egg Puzzle or Lego Hunt

Instead of hiding chocolate eggs, opt for reusable fillable eggs and place a puzzle piece of two in each of them. Your kids will have to search high and low to find all the puzzle pieces which will mean plenty of time in the garden, and then figuring out how the pieces fit together. This also works well for Lego.

If you find your puzzle pieces are too big for your fillable eggs check out Number 3 below and make the puzzle the prize at the end, or simply hide the puzzle piece with the egg, or inside a small ziplock back with the egg.

Easter Egg Puzzle Hunt Choc-free

(image via makethebestofeverything blog)

2. DIY Kinder Surprise

Create your own little Easter Kinder Surprise eggs by filling reusable eggs with small toys and treats. Mix it up with a few chocolate-free treats like hair ties, a balloon, temporary tattoos, a picture to colour, fluffy little chicks, fun erasers, an Easter joke and just about anything small and fun that fits inside an egg.

easter egg hunt pack

3. Egg-citing Easter Treasure Hunt

Write out and hide clues to lead your kids on an Easter treasure hunt! Each clue leads them to find the next hidden egg and clue inside, all over the garden and inside the house, until they find the very last clue which could tell them the hiding place of the Easter surprise. The clues can lead them to a room or a place where they will have to hunt for the next little clue hidden inside an egg. The end prize can be anything you like - An Easter Egg, Gift Hamper or Basket, Soft Bunny, Game or Toy.

(image from Party Delights Blog)

4. Egg-cellant Nature Scavenger Hunt

Similar to the treasure hunt, this fun game will have your little ones scrambling around to fill their Easter baskets with lots of different items from around the garden or around the home. This is lovely activity to do on a nature walk as a family and will even keep the older kids engaged too.

(image via

Nature Hunt Ideas: Something smooth, something brown, a leaf, a stick, seed pod, chewed leaf, flat rock, something that you think is treasure, a flower or petal

5. Easter Crafts & Egg Decorating

There are plenty of fun craft actives and ideas for the entire family from decorating eggs for the table, using food dye to colour edible eggs, decorating crafts for the table or front door or around the home. 

Our Foam Bunny & Egg Decorating Kits include 12 foam bunnies ready to decorate with the included easter stickers - these are perfect for gifting as an activity at Kindy or to friends and neighbours. They make great place settings or centrepieces for your Easter Table too! Each bunny can hold a real chocolate egg or a reusable plastic egg.


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