Jumbo Champagne Noir Balloon Garland Kit


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Jumbo Black, Cream, Nude, Champagne Balloon Garland Kit

Make it a celebration to remember with this stunning balloon arch! This glamourous balloon garland will look incredible displayed at your party and will be loved by all your guests.

Simply hang from a wall or from a doorway to create an incredible balloon backdrop.

Style this balloon arch with décor from our Champagne Noir collection. With striking decorations and impressive displays you won’t want to celebrate any other way.

Each pack contains 75 balloons:
1 x 18”, 10 x 12”, 8 x 10”, 5 x 5” black balloons
2 x 18”, 10 x 12”, 6 x 10”, 5 x 5” nude balloons
3 x 12”, 3 x 10”, 3 x 5” light nude balloons
4 x 12”, 3 x 10”, 4 x 5” champagne gold balloons
5 x 12”, 3 x 10” gold confetti balloons
5m x balloon tape, 50 x glue dots, 3m x thin nude jute twine included for easy assembly.

This garland is air-fill only and you will need a balloon pump!

Preferably an electric one, but a hand pump will work too.

Sustainability: The balloons in this garland kit are 100% natural runner latex. The confetti is gold foil. The packaging is plastic-free and recyclable