Greenery Deco Bubble 24" (61cm)


Experience a whole new category of balloons with Qualatex Bubble Balloons (Stretchy Plastic Balloons). The Bubble is the first of its kind and is made of stretchy, see-through plastic.

Deco Bubble Clear 24 Inch Qualatex Bubble Balloon UNINFLATED each product details:

  • Colour: Clear with greenery print around the edges
  • Ideal for different types of balloon decoration such as stuffed to create Gumballs, Balloon Garlands, Double Bubbles, Confetti Balloons and more!
  • Size: 24 Inch (60cm)
  • Ideal for a balloon bouquet, a presonalised balloon, add extra shine in balloon centrepieces
  • The special stretchy plastic allows Bubbles to stretch BIG and ROUND.
  • Easy to inflate - SLOWLY inflate until all wrinkles have disappeared and the seams appear wrinkle-free. Full instructions are available on the back of the packaging and need to be followed exactly. Always inflate bubbles immediately after opening the package or they'll dry out.
  • Deco Bubbles do not have valves - require a latex regulator to inflate with helium or air balloon pump to inflate with air
  • Suitable for use with either air or helium
  • Floating time: 2-4 weeks (depends on weather, fill and weight inside or attached)
  • Material: Stretchy High-graded see-through plastic. Suitable for anyone with latex allergies!
  • Good quality personalised balloon decor