Decorative Leaves Wall Backdrop

$15.37 $21.95

This set of paper 3D decorative leaf cutouts will make the perfect backdrop for your jungle, tropical, luau or Kew West party themes. Attach to the wall or use on the cake or grazing table for extra effect.

Pack includes 13 leaves, pre-cut and ready to assemble.

Leaves do require some basic assembly and 9 gold split pins are included.

Leaves are a mix of greens and shiny gold foil.

* 2 x measuring 19.8cm.

* 2 x measuring 31.1cm.

* 3 x measuring 20.3cm.

* 3 x measuring 21.2cm.

* 3 x measuring 24.3cm.

Made of lightweight cardboard - printed on one side only.

Supplied with 9 gold split pins. Some basic assembly required.

** You will need to use your own sticky tape, blu-tac or adhesive dots to stick these cutouts to your walls.