Balloon Garland Table Stand


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The easiest way for a Balloon Garland to stay up over a table is with our Balloon Garland Table Stand. Perfect for the park, at home, outdoor patio's and decks and venues. 

Super easy to assemble and attach to your table. Sturdy and upright, the arch can be used indoors or outside (not suitable in windy conditions).

Includes poles, connectors, and 2 table-clamp mounts.

Can be used with different lengths of tables from 1.8m, and different thickness tabletops.


Q. What size garland is best? The stand will hold all sizes of our DIY garland kits - Mini, Medium, Standard, Large and Jumbo.

Q. How do you attach the garland to the stand? The stand pole is quite thin and will fit between the balloons in your garland. Gently push the balloon garland onto the pole until the pole is in the centre against the garland strip or line. Move the balloons around to cover the pole and secure with string if needed.

Q. What length of Garland is best? The full pole length will fit a 3m length of garland. A garland length of 2m will cover most of the stand, you can cover the excess poles with tassels, foil curtain, streamers or additional balloons. 

Q. Does it fit all tables? It will fit most lengths of tables as it can be attached to the ends if the table is between 1.8m-2.5m in length. And if it is longer attach the clamps to the back of the table. Not suitable for tables shorter than 1.8m. Ensure you measure your table, especially the thickness of the table's edge for the clamp mount to fit properly.  Best suited to tables with a square edge.