Scrap single use balloon garlands!  So much time and effort goes into creating a beautiful balloon garland that it is such a shame to only use it for a single party celebration! We say SCRAP THAT and have outlined 8 ways you can reuse one of our DIY Balloon Garland Kits:

Did you know that our Mini Balloon Garland Kits last for a few weeks and even a few months?! The party might be over but your balloon garland still has a lot of life left in it so get the most out of your beautiful balloon garland with some of these 8 tips:

  1. Use it to decorate for your child’s birthday wake up surprise
  2. Then use it at the party celebration
  3. Take it to the school or kindy
  4. Decorate the kids room or play room
  5. Gift it to your local childcare, playgroup, children's hospital or library
  6. Pay it forward, swap or sell on marketplace or Gumtree
  7. Use some of the balloons for party games or activities to keep the kids entertained during lock down or rainy days - read this blog for 12 fun balloon games
  8. Compost the balloons and track how long they take to decompose with the kids.

Our Clever Customers 

Not only do we love seeing all your beautiful celebrations, we love seeing you enjoying our balloon garlands over and over again! Here are some of the ways our clever customers have reused their balloon garlands kits to inspire you:

@jessiikawilson - Used her mini garland for her daughter Goldie's 1st Birthday wake up surprise, as the backdrop for her cake smash photo shoot, in the lounge as party decor during lockdown and then gifted it to a friend for her niece's cake smash

ways to reuse your balloon garland


@rikki_lee_hendry - Created a beautiful 1st birthday wake up surprise for Hazel's 1st birthday, then re-used the garland for her daughter Evie's birthday wake up surprise and then put it up in the playroom for the girls to enjoy.

ways to reuse your balloon garland

@explorealwaysgirl - Had our beautiful Bluey garland at her son's birthday picnic and contacted us to say she still had the balloons up in her playroom almost 3months after the party! 

ways to reuse your balloon garland

@attica_hair - Decorated their salon with a pink balloon garland for #pinkoctober and sent us this photo of the garland still looking great 1month on.

ways to reuse your balloon garland

Note: Not all balloons have such a long lasting life so to ensure your garland does last be sure to choose high quality natural rubber latex, air-fill with a hand pump (as the warm breath inside cools down the balloon will shrink fast) and keep out of direct sunlight. 

If you have reused one of our balloon garland kits be sure to let us know or send us a photo on Instagram or Facebook! 

Our Balloons Are Not Plastic

Our latex balloons are not plastic and do not contain plastic. Our latex balloons are a plant-based product, made from 100% natural rubber harvested from rubber tree plantations which are a renewable resource.

We only source our latex balloons from leading manufacturers who harvest their latex from sustainable Rainforest Alliance Certified and Forest Stewardship Council Plantations. 

The Rainforest Alliance are an international, non-profit organisation working to build strong forests, healthy agricultural landscapes, thriving communities and fight climate change.

As latex balloons are made from natural rubber, they do breakdown. However, when balloons become litter the don't degrade sufficiently or quickly enough to prevent possible risk or harm to wildlife. So you need to dispose of balloons thoughtfully, don't let them fly away - Pin it & Bin It (or compost if you can)

Banning the deliberate release of balloons and promoting the responsible use and disposal is vital for effective environmentally responsible change.

July 13, 2021 — Roxanne Baldwin