"Nobody can be uncheered with a Balloon" - Winnie the Pooh

Even just a single balloon can bring joy, smiles and laughter to the little faces of kids of all ages and there are PLENTY of games, activities and challenges to keep your little ones busy, entertained, moving and off devices with these 12 Fun Balloon Games for Kids!

Perfect for lockdown, school holidays, rainy days, play groups or self-isolating - All you need is a few balloons and some basic household items.

12 Easy & Fun Games to Keep the Kids Entertained:

1. Keepy Uppy

Probably the most well known balloon game and a favourite with Bluey fans! Simply inflate and tie a balloon and hit it up into the air and keep it up for as long as you can without it touching the ground. 

Challenge: Can you do it with your hands behind your back?

Keepy uppy balloon Game

2. Balloon Tennis

You will need at least 2 players and a 'net' for this one - Create a net with a line of dining chairs, a paper streamer strung across the room or simply a line on the floor. Inflate and tie balloon as your tennis ball and take turns hitting it to your opponent over the next just like the tennis pros! 

Make a Racket - Create your own tennis racket with a ruler taped to a paper plate for extra fun

balloon tennis

3. Catch a Balloon in a Funnel

This is a game of balance and hand-eye co-ordination. Use a kitchen funnel, or create one out of paper, and use it to balance a balloon while you run a race or an obstacle course.

Challenge: Can you keep the balloon balanced when the ceiling fan is on?

balloon hockey game

4. Balloon Soccer

Play this inside or outside with 2 or more players - Use your balloon as a soccer ball and try to get it in the goal using only your feet.

5. Balloon Hockey

First create your hockey stock (a poole noodle, spatular or ruler work great) and set up your goal (a cardboard box or washing basket) Then use your hockey stock to hit the balloon into the goal.

balloon hockey

6. Balloon Egg & Spoon Race

Using a balloon instead of an egg in this classic footrace is a whole lot harder than you think! You can also use water balloons for a fun alternative.

water balloon spoon game

7. Basket Ball

Set a hoop (a washing basket on top of a bookcase, a hula-hoop or an old wire coat-hanger stretched into a circle) and try to hit the balloon into the basket.

Challenge - How far away from the basket can you get it in?

balloon games basketball

8. Waddle Race

Each player holds an inflated balloon between the knees - Now it's a waddle race to the finish line!

Challenge - How quick can you waddle with two balloons between your knees?

balloon waddle race

9. Blowout

Set up paper party cups upside down on the edge of a table.  Inflate a balloon but don't tie it. Point the neck of the balloon at the cups and knock the cups over with the escaping air.

Make it harder - Stack the paper cups into a pyramid, then knock them all down.

blowout balloon game

10. Colour Match

Inflate and scatter a bunch of different coloured balloons around the room. Ask you toddler to bring you all the purple/yellow/red balloons.

11. Basket Case Race

Inflate and scatter a bunch of different coloured balloons around the room and set up a goal for each child (a washing basket, box or big shopping bag) It's then a race to fill your goal with as many balloons as possible.

Make it harder: Assign each child with a specific colour.

balloon fun games for kids

12. Balloon Racer

Line up your racers (paper cups, pink pong balls, or scrunched up paper balls) at one end of the table (your race track) and use the escaping air from your balloon to push your cup to the finish line! 

balloon racer games

Balloons can be an endless source of fun and entertainment - Encourage your kids to come up with their challenges and games.

balloon games for kids

April 09, 2021 — Roxanne Baldwin