Bluey Party Favours

Kids go to so many parties these days, sometimes 2 or 3 in one weekend! So if I choose to do party favours I like to use things that are simple, low cost, sweet or entertaining but aren't just going to end up in the bin. 

For the Bluey Picnic Party (find the details on the picnic party here: How to Guide: Bluey Picnic Party) I created Bon Bon favours for each guest to take home, inside was a Bluey colouring sheet, pencils and a balloon to play Keepy Uppy at home. We also gave everyone a beautiful Posh Lollipops Bluey lollipop. 

Later I had the idea to create a Bluey Memory/Snap Game Set for each child using the Memory Game from the free printables. All you need to do for this is simply print, cut and laminate the game tiles into a game set for each child. Then keep them together in the matching box. Download the free printables below.

Some other great ideas are:

Colouring sheets with pencils

Game to play at home - Keepy Uppy, Bluey Memory/Snap

Treat to enjoy later - Cupcake, cookie, lollipop

Polaroid photo - taken at the party


Book - You can find these at large retailers for $2-$3each

Playdough & Cookie-Cutter/Mould


Free Downloads

1. Bluey Memory Game Box

2. Bluey Memory Game Set

Bluey free memory snap game printable

Bluey free game printable

August 25, 2020 by Lovely Occasions