Valentine’s Day is a wonderful reminder to celebrate ALL the different kinds of love we have in our lives. It's the perfect opportunity to make all your special someones - Partner, Children, Family, Friends, Your Team, Your Clients, Neighbours, Teachers - feel loved and appreciated.

While traditional grand romantic gestures are AMAZING, you don't have to go all out every year - Here are 14 sweet, thoughtful and kind ways to show a little love and spread a little joy this Valentines Day:

1. Love Notes inside Mini Heart Balloons

Not only do these look super cute, there's the added surprise of popping each one to find the note inside. 

Be sure to use good quality biodegradable balloons and paper confetti to ensure you are showing the environment a little love as well. If you are stuck on ideas on what to write for each note check out our list of 65+ Love Notes to get you started.


We loved this idea so much we created a cute DIY kit! With everything you need together to create a sweet, fun and thoughtful gift, our Love Note Surprise includes 12 mini love heart balloons, confetti, bamboo heart pick, note card and instructions - Find it here: Love Note Surprise Kit

Love Note Mini Heart Balloon valentines

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2. Create a Sweet Spread

This on trend dessert charcuterie board is also a great for a surprise for the office.

All you need to create a Sweet Spread is a mix of sweets, desserts and lollies in different shades of the same colour and a board, tray or large plate. 

valentines dessert board

3. Surprise them with a Bouquet of Helium Balloons

In the wise words of Winnie the Pooh: "Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon". It doesn't have to be heart shaped or Valentiney - Choose something random, funny, colourful or cute. 

For the ultimate element of surprise fill a big box with helium balloons, tie with a ribbon and leave at their door.

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valentine balloon surprise

4. Mini Gift Box of Treats

Fill a small gift box with their favourite treats. The ideas are endless for this one - a cupcake or cookies, sprinkles & a cookie cutter, mini chocolates, lollies, sweets. You could even add a small gift like lip balm, earings or a keyring, add a sweet note and a pinch of confetti. Tie with a ribbon.

 gift box

5. Valentines Breakfast

Who doesn't want to wake up to a valentines breakfast! Dress up the table with fun partyware, plates, cups and paper straws and a few mini heart balloons. Serve up pancakes, waffles, fruit or simply use a cookie cutter to make egg on toast a little bit special. See this blog for all the details on creating this at home along with our Free Valentines Printable Placemat

 Valentines Breakfast

6. Date Night at Home

A great one to do as a family or just the two of you - Create a Date Night hamper filled with your favourite movie snacks like microwave popcorn, bags of MnM's/Skittles, cans of soft drink. Order in your favourite takeaway, and choose a great movie. We've outlined a complete guide to a great Date Night In including some movie options here: DATE NIGHT-IN GUIDE

valentines date night

7. No-Bake V-Day Treats

Treat them with these no-bake valentines treats - great as lunch box treats, festive family snacks or the office bake-off! Here are 3 easy no-bake valentines treats to try:

1. Sweetheart Crispies

2. Cupid's Crunch Popcorn

3. Do-Nuts About You

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 sprinked with love

8. Galentines Cocktails with the girls

The best way to spend valentines is with your Gal pals - Invite them over for an Anti-Valentines date, mix up some great cocktails and play board games, watch movies and eat pizza.

galentines cocktail

9. Picnic Surprise

You don't need much to plan a special picnic surprise - A blanket or rug, picnic hamper filled with cheese, wine, crackers and cold meats, music from your phone and a few cushions will do it. Add a few helium balloons and a surprise text telling them where to meet you and enjoy some device-free time together.

valentines picnic

10. Treasure Hunt

Create a treasure hunt with clues hidden around the house. There are so many free printable ideas for this one on the internet already - All you have to do is write or print the clues, hide, enjoy! 

You can hide little gifts with every clue or just have a gift/prize at the end.

Great for your partner or the kids:

11. Shower them with Love

Fill a cupboard with air-filled red balloons to shower them with love when they open it - Originally from the Oh Happy Day Blog - Our range of Mini Heart balloons would be perfect for this! 

balloon surprise cupboard

12. Love Notes

Write messages on stickynotes and leave them in places to be found - inside drawers, pockets, cupboards or display them all on the mirror in the shape of a heart!

love notes

13. Love Floats

Tie helium balloons to their favourite chocolate bars and display them on the table or bed

 love balloon bed

14. A Big Box of Love

Fill balloons with mini chocolates, treats and little notes and put them all in a box with ribbon and a cute tag saying “Hope your Valentines is BURSTING with love”.

box of balloons

January 10, 2021 — Lovely Occasions