Sorbet Pastel Birthday Balloon Celebration

If fairies, unicorns and angels threw a joint party, they would undoubtedly serve their guests an assortment of sorbet confectionery. Illume Partyware’s own stylist, Louise Lazendic captured it beautifully in this sweet and whimsical birthday celebration for one special little girl!

Showcasing Illume Partyware’s designer balloons this party was the perfect representation of joy and imagination. Using three party elements: balloons, partyware, and food - Illume demonstrated you don’t need to go overboard to celebrate, just some clever styling techniques and a beautiful pastel colour palette!

In terms of visual impact, simplicity is often the key to elegance. You can achieve the same wow factor - or even more - by selecting a small number of elements and using them in an appealing way. By focusing on the colours of a scrumptious pastel sorbet dessert, this birthday party shows us how we can create a stylish setting without having to resort to fussy flourishes. Here's how Louise made it work.

Beautiful Balloons

Balloons are like a universal symbol of the best part of childhood -- light, carefree, and playful. That's why they form the backbone of this luscious party look. For our pastel sorbet party, Louise made the glorious balloon mural central to the decor.

Using DIY Pastel Balloon Garland kits you can create a backdrop of bodacious balloons that will leave guests awestruck. The kits include both 5 inch and 11 inch balloons to create an undulating texture that reminds us of clouds made of sorbet scoops. With a carefully selected range of lemon, pink, lilac, baby blue, and mint this makes this pre-styled sorbet showpiece simple as well as dynamic and impactful.

But it didn’t stop there, as balloons were the only party decoration you can guess that variety was the key to pulling off this astonishingly easy element. 

Statement Jumbo Balloon

Get your guests in the festive spirit as soon as they walk into the party room. A Round Jumbo Balloon is a chic way to welcome everyone -- a promise of even more thrilling things to come. 

Anchor this impressive, 36-inch balloon just high enough for the little ones to reach up and touch, and you will be met with a chorus of oooohs and aaaahs. This awesome balloon is so cool, your birthday guest of honour will want to keep it all year round.

Confetti Pastel Balloons

Sophistication is all about nuances, and our very own Louise knew exactly how to incorporate a cultured touch to our sorbet-hued celebration. The fabulous Confetti Pastel Balloons feature subtle shimmer and shine in the form of confetti circles in pastel hues of lemon, peach, pink, lilac, baby blue, and mint - as well as holographic discs that pack a punch.

Dancing along the floor, the kids quickly used these 18 inch confetti balloons as party toys. Pre-filled with confetti and fuss-free they certainly added another dimension to our sorbet celebration.

Pastel Balloon Bouquets

Balloon Bouquets also added to this birthday party’s sorbet scenery with minimal fuss. We opted for pre-styled packets of Pastel Bouquet balloons to ensure complete colour matching. These 11 inch balloons in pastel pink, blue, lilac, yellow and mint were filled with helium providing an elevated festive contribution.

The long ribbon tails provided a tantalising temptation for the children to jump and collect a posy of colour. The chase, fun and giggles made it a fun game only adding to the already boisterous atmosphere.  

Putting on the perfect pastel party is an easy feat. Even better, Illume Partyware balloons are environmentally responsible. Made by Qualatex from high-quality, naturally sourced latex harvested from Rainforest Alliance Certified plantations, the balloons we offer are 100% biodegradable. With proper disposal, they will degrade and naturally return to the earth over time.

 Pastel Partyware

The second key element to this Sorbet Pastel Birthday Balloon Celebration was partyware! To drink, eat, serve and decorate we couldn’t go past an eclectic mix of Illume Partyware’s tableware collections in; Peach, Pink and Gold, Blue Iridescent, Iridescent and Pastel.  It was nearly like the plates, cups, straws and napkins were party decorations themselves bringing shimmer and colour to the party by styling up the table inviting all the guests to join together.

We didn’t waste the opportunity to make a plate full of cupcakes exude playful pastels with an assortment of cupcake wrappers that made it hard for little fingers to resist. This meant we could whip the cupcakes up with white icing and let the partyware do the work for us!

A pink foil cake topper was an extra detail on the birthday cake that subtly tied it into our sorbet colour theme while saying ‘Happy Birthday’ boldly to our birthday girl!

As you can see, magic happens when you let loose your imagination and have a variety of coordinated decorations from which to choose your perfect party decor. It's as easy as selecting a few prime elements and keeping to your theme. Illume Partyware makes it almost as fun planning the party as it is throwing it!

Fantastic Food for Your Festivities

The third element to this festive birthday was cake! Birthday parties don't feel complete without a birthday cake. Since our sorbet pastel party embraces simplicity, there was no need to find an extravagant cake with multiple tiers, colours, and decorations.

 If anything, cakes with clean lines and simple design only enhance our elegant sorbet theme instead of distracting from it. In our case, Genevieve Peacock from Cake Chemistry took the spirit of our pastel fete and ran with it, baking a trinity of stunning cakes. Sleek, impossibly smooth, and simple, they tie into our colour scheme perfectly with their impeccable matching icing and dainty, but daring, drizzle.

Not to be outdone, Martina from MaR-Valicious BiteS put out a platter of opulent cookies in circular, heart, and star shape pastels. Deliciously mouthwatering, they were almost too pretty to eat!

As always, Illume Partyware is delighted to work with other folks who embrace their creativity and excel at what they do. Our sorbet pastel party was a fun collaboration with these folks:

Styling: Louise Lazendic from Illume Partyware

Balloons and Partyware: Illume Partyware

Cake: Genevieve Peacock from Cake Chemistry

Cookies: Martina from MaR-Valicious BiteS

Photographer: Stacie LaGreca

Videographer: Blake Dubler from Creative Blue

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August 19, 2019 — Lovely Occasions