Love it or loathe it, Elf on the Shelf has become a annual Christmas tradition all over the world - Driving tired, time-poor parents mad with the endless ideas, crafts, signs, mess, jokes, gifts and activities that need staging often late at night, every. single. night. during the busiest time of the year and right up until Christmas Eve.

The amount of Pintrest ideas all claiming to be easy and fuss-free will overwhelm you while you scramble to remember what mischief Elfie got up to last year -because although your kids can't remember where they left their shoe this morning, you better bet they will notice if Elfie doubles up on his pranks! 

So as we band together - the tired 9pm'ers who remember the moment your head hits the pillow - Here is our 9pm S-Elf Help Guide to Elf on the Shelf. Complete with ideas on what to do when Elfie forgets to move (because it's bound to happen!) and how to buy yourself a few nights off!

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We will update it with new ideas every few days leading up to December:

Elf on The Shelf - Arrival Ideas

Super Easy/Last Minute

1. Delivered in the Mail - Put Elfie in a box, write a address label to your kids and leave him in the letterbox, on the doorstep or inside the front door - Sprinkle some snow (flour) over the box, add a few candy canes, sweets or lollies, print and add in a letter from Santa

2. Elfie magically appears in a gift under the tree - Wrap up a gift box and add Elfie popping out with a "I'M BACK!" sticky note or sign

3. Arrives in a Paper Plane - Hang from the ceiling fan and turn it on low

4. Arrives in a toy car/truck/horse/roller skates - Anything from the kids room

5. Writes 'SANTA SAYS HI' or I'M BACK' in lollies or cereal on the table

A Bit More Planning

6. Elfie could arrive with an ornament and a note to set up the Christmas tree

7. Elfie could arrive with a Craft or Activity - Gingerbread house kit, Write a letter to Santa, Colouring Book & Pencils, Board Game 

8. Surprise Pancake Breakfast in the morning or Arrival Party after school with friends

9. Arrives in a Balloon Hamper or with helium balloons

10. Arrives and is in Quarantine - Lots of fun ideas for this one!


Elf on the Shelf Arrival Ideas Australia
elf on the shelf in quarantine Australia


November 26, 2020 — Roxanne Baldwin