Christmas crackers or Bon Bons are a Christmas table staple but they all seem to contain little bits of plastic that isn't useful and ends up in the trash. We're putting an end to that with these great ideas to create and fill your own Bon Bons this Christmas!

DIY Bon Bon fillers

Our DIY Bon Bon sets includes 10 ready to fold bon bons with the sticky tape already added. Its so easy to put these DIY Bon Bon together in 3 easy steps -

1. Fold along all the creases

2. Peel the sticky tape in 3 places (middle and the two ends) and stick together

3. Scrunch the two ends and tie with ribbon

These Bon Bons are a little different from traditional Christmas crackers as they don't have a snap in the middle and are made from sturdier thick cardstock so they are more of a gift box than a pull and snap bon bon. 

I love to fill these with lovely little things and add them into my holiday hampers for family, friends and neighbours. They are also perfect for personalising with names or text - See this blog post for 5 ways to Personalise Your DIY Bon Bons

Things to fill your Bon Bons with that aren't trash!

Mum, Auntie, Sisters, Cousins, Friends:

  1. Nail polish
  2. Earrings
  3. Keyring
  4. Hand cream
  5. Mini perfume or Automizer
  6. Travel size toiletries
  7. Scratchies and 5c coin
  8. Mini DIY cocktail mix
  9. Christmas tree ornament
  10. Cheese knife
  11. Scented soaps
  12. Bath bombs like these Snowball Bath Bombs
  13. Lip balm
  14. Bath oils
  15. Makeup
  16. Chocolates
  17. Coffee Card Voucher

Dad, Brother, Cousin, Friends:

  1. Scratchies and 5c coin
  2. Mini alcohol bottle Liqueur
  3. Chocolates
  4. Screen cleaner spray & cloth (glasses/devices)
  5. Keyring
  6. Mini games or puzzle
  7. Fishing lure
  8. Car air-freshener
  9. Nail clippers
  10. Drill bits / screws / wall plugs
  11. Cleaning putty
  12. Bottle opener


  1. Balloons - like these Jingle Bell Balloons
  2. Paper crown & stickers to decorate it
  3. Fun stationery
  4. Temporary tattoos - Like these Metallic Tattoos
  5. Stickers
  6. Mini lego
  7. Bouncing ball
  8. Bracelet
  9. Yo-yo
  10. Plant seeds
  11. Hair clips
  12. Toy car
  13. Craft activity
  14. Colouring in sheet & pencils
  15. Play dough
  16. Slime/silly putty
  17. Bubbles
  18. Fairy garden items
  19. Dinosaur darden items
  20. Magic face washer
  21. Hand sanitizer
  22. Snowball Bath Bombs


  1. Earphones
  2. Phone ring holder
  3. Money
  4. Lip balm/gloss
  5. Makeup
  6. Mobile USB charger cable
  7. Portable device charger
  8. Hand sanitizer
  9. Keyring
  10. Coffee card voucher
  11. Stationery
  12. Mobile phone accessories 


  1. Essential Oils
  2. Fridge magnet
  3. Tree ornament
  4. Photo ornament
  5. Keyring
  6. Glasses cleaner cloth/spray
  7. Scratchies
  8. Plant seeds

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November 01, 2021 — Roxanne Baldwin