Birthday Breakfast Ideas for Kids

A birthday breakfast is such a fun way to make your little one feel special and loved on their birthday, especially if their birthday is mid-week with school or kindy, in lockdown or isolation or the day has plans that aren’t birthday focussed like errands or work.

There are lots of ways to create a special and memorable birthday breakfast. Just adding fun cake sprinkles and a candle to a normal breakfast will make it feel special and different, so here are our favourite fun Birthday Morning Breakfasts using sprinkles:

Birthday Waffles

A super fun and easy birthday treat, these waffles can be done 2 ways - made form scratch and adding cake sprinkles into the batter before cooking, or store bought and topped with sprinkles and whipped cream. Don’t forget the cherry or strawberry on top!

birthday waffles with sprinkles

Find the recipe for Birthday Funfetti Waffles Here 

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Funfetti Pancakes or Crepes

Pancakes or Crepes are possible the top favourite breakfast choice of kids everywhere, and with so many options for toppings you can add a bit of fruit in here as well.

birthday pancakes crepes

Find these recipes here, here and here.

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Fairy Bread or Fairy Toast

In Holland, the Dutch don't just add 100's and 1000's to their Fairy Bread, they add all sorts of fun sprinkles and call it hagelslag. 

dutch fairybread for breakfast

Find more about it here: Dutch Fairybread

Sprinkle Cereal

Cereal but with a birthday spin - Rice Krispie Cupcakes, Cornflake Honey Joy's and Fruit Loop slice are fun ways to have cereal for breakfast on your birthday.

birthday cereal for breakfast

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Birthday Cake Milkshake

Perfect for tweens and teens this EPIC milkshake is everything on a birthday!

cakeshake birthday milkshakes

Find the recipes here, here and here.

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Birthday Breakfast Mini Party

Dress up the breakfast table with birthday decorations! Add a fun tablecloth, party hats, blow outs and a sprinkle of confetti. 

Use party paper plates and napkins to really make it super special and fun, add a fun birthday placemat and colouring crayons. Don't forget a cake topper and birthday candles! Sing happy birthday, have mini dance party and take some fun photos. What a perfect start to any birthday!


birthday breakfast table
Image Credit: Sweet Lulu
August 03, 2021 — Roxanne Baldwin