5 Tips to Host the Perfect Picnic

Picnics are perfect for just about any celebration or occasion, from an intimate party of two (a romantic dinner, proposal or anniversary) to larger gatherings (birthday, bridal shower, engagement or wedding). We are the lucky country with so many open, green, manicured spaces freely available to us. Location, food, style, shade and activities are all easy to get right, use these 5 tips to plan yourself a very pretty picnic.

1. Style & Decor

What type of event are you hosting? A picnic can be as relaxed or fancy as you like. Deciding on a style or theme of your party will make it easier to choose the food, games and decor to ensure your picnic looks completely put together. Bunting is a great choice for decoration, paper lanterns in the trees and jumbo balloons make spotting your picnic in a public park fun and easy for your guests. Flowers in jars and a few picnic baskets dotted around will complete the look.

2. Blankets & Tables

Picnic blankets are a must! Choose blankets that have a waterproof underside, and up your picnic game with throw cushions on each. Adding trays for guests drinks on the blankets will help avoid spills. Consider tables for the food and drinks, and chairs for any elderly guests who might find it hard to sit down on a blanket. One of the biggest picnic trends at the moment are low to the ground picnic tables where everyone can sit together in a boho fashion which makes for intimate picnic dinner parties under the stars, and are a great option for hens and bridal showers.

Boho Picnic Package

3. Food & Drinks

The food should be easy. Easy to make, easy to transport, easy to serve and easy to eat. Open grazing platters look amazing but tend not to fair to well in the sun and heat, instead consider containers or platters with lids. Foods that can be easily eaten with fingers or a fork are great, pre-made platters of wraps, sandwiches and antipasto are readily available at supermarkets. Drinks in dispensers look great and make it easy for guests to serve themselves. Mason jar glasses will give your picnic an upmarket feel. Choose paper cups over plastic or go for cans of soft drink. Don’t forget paper straws and ice!

4. Location, Location, Location

The great thing about a picnic is you can have it just about anywhere! Parking, shade, bathroom facilities and the popularity of the park will all impact on the success of your picnic. In Brisbane, New Farm Park, Rocks Riverside Park and Pine Rivers park are all popular. If there will be children choose a park with a play area, if your picnic will be mostly adults choose a quieter area of the park. A large back yard is also a great option. (View our list of picture-perfect picnic spots here)

5. Games/Activities

A few outdoor games and activities will ensure your guests are kept entertained all afternoon. Lawn Games such as Giant Jenga, Croquet, Boules and Quoits are always a hit. Kids will love anything with a ball, kites, water guns or even simple games like sack or three-legged races. With more open space you could organise a friendly game or cricket or Bubble Soccer, depending on your budget.

Final 5 tips!

1. Hire picnic blankets, drink dispensers and lawns games to be delivered. The easier it is for you to make the party happen, the more relaxed you will be.
2. Rope in family and friends to help with ice, food, drinks or games.
3. Have a wet weather plan! You can plan a pretty picnic but you can’t predict the weather!
4. Make sure there is shade - trees, umbrella’s or gazebos are all good options.
5. Get there early to secure the spot you want!

Written by Roxanne Baldwin, owner of Lovely Occasions, Pretty Stylish Picnic Hire www.lovelyoccasions.com.au

December 29, 2017 — Lovely Occasions
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