Rainbow Balloon Cake Topper Tutorial

Super cute and super easy - create this fun and unique cake topper for your next celebration with our Rainbow Balloon Cake Topper Kit and this step by step video tutorial:

Rainbow Balloon Cake Topper Kit includes eleven coloured and confetti-filled mini balloons, balloon strip, 2x skewers and instructions. 

Assemble Instructions:

Step 1: Start by inflating all the mini balloons - Size should be about the size of your fist, using 1-2 pumps of hand held balloon pump or an electric inflation machine. Tie the neck of the balloon.

TIP: Rub the outside of the confetti balloons with a soft dry microfibre cloth to create static for the confetti to stick to the inside of the balloon

Step 2: Pull the ends of each balloon through the holes in the card strip until all the balloons are attached to the strip. Mix up the colours of the balloons as you like.

Step 3: Then attach the wooden skewers by removing the double-sided tape backer form the ends of the card strip. Lay the flat end of the skewer on top, then fold the two flaps over the skewer one at a time and press firmly.

Step 4: Now your topper is ready to add to your cake!


March 17, 2021 — Roxanne Baldwin