Filling 90cm latex balloons (including confetti filled)


Jumbo 90cm helium filled balloons can float for 2-3 days however this is dependant on how they are handled, transported & mostly importantly: weather. Helium is sensitive to temperature so avoid extreme heat & extreme cold. On a hot day your balloon may only float for 12hours. Our recommendation is to inflate the balloon very close to the start time of your event. Please be aware of hot or sharp objects, as these will cause your balloon to pop.

Jumbo 90cm balloons have a large neck opening so can be a little more tricky to fill than regular 30cm balloons. I have found that simply holding the neck of the balloon tightly around the nozzle of the helium or air pump works fine. You can tie them as you would a standard balloon.

When jumbo 90cm balloons are fully inflated with helium they can lift a weight of up to 340g. When fully inflated with helium they have a serious amount of pull and can be quite difficult to control outside even in light winds. Children find them particularly difficult to handle and they need to be well tethered or could be lost very quickly.

Jumbo 90cm balloons can be filled with all helium, all air or half air and half helium together. Please be aware that when inflated with half and half helium the balloon will not stay afloat for as long or be able to handle as much weight (e.g. balloon tassels)

Confetti Balloons: In most cases the confetti will pool in the bottom of your balloon. Static is what causes the confetti to stick to the side of the balloon. To create static rub the inflated balloon with your hand & roll the balloon for the confetti to stick. This process may need to be repeated during your event. Bare in mind we cannot guarantee the confetti will stick when inflating with helium.

Confetti Tip: When inflating the balloon with helium or from an air pump, try tilting the balloon to keep the confetti away from the entering helium as sometimes the force and pressure of the incoming helium can shred the confetti.


Blow up your balloon using a balloon pump or air compressor. Do not blow up the balloon with your mouth. Create static by rubbing the outside of the balloon with your hand and roll the confetti around inside the balloon. You may need to repeat the process. Please be aware of sharp objects and heat and lights sources as all have the potential to effect balloons adversely. 

WARNING: Balloons are not toys. Children can choke or suffocate on non-inflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision is required. Keep non-inflated balloons away from children, and discard broken balloons immediately.

PLEASE NOTE: Balloons are fragile in nature. We use the highest quality latex balloon available, however please use great care when inflating. If you are concerned please order extra balloons for your event if you are concerned about popping. We do not offer refunds on balloons. 


Inflating your balloon to the correct size is essential to ensure it is not overinflated and may pop, under inflated as it may not have the right amount of lift, especially if you are adding tassels, garlands or confetti. The easiest way to ensure you are inflating your balloon to the right size is to measure a space between 2 objects that you can place the inflated balloon between. 

A Jumbo 90cm balloon is best inflated to approx 75cm in diameter to allow for the helium gas to expand due to weather conditions/room temperature.

Measure a space of 75cm between a wall and the back of a chair.  Inflate your balloon in the space until it touches both the wall and the chair. Tie it off, attached a ribbon and a weight and its done!


March 18, 2017 — Lovely Occasions