CUSTOM Balloon Garland Kit - MINI


Create your own unique mix of colours for your DIY Mini Balloon Garland Kit.

Need some colour inspo - find our colour chart here: COLOUR CHART

Step 1: Email us your request - contact us via our contact form

Step 2: We will request that you email 1-2 inspirational images of your preferred colour mix. We will confirm how closely we can match your colours and email your unique sample colour mix.

Step 3: When you are happy with your colour mix then simply add this Custom Colour DIY Mini Garland Kit to your cart along with your other party items and checkout to complete your payment as normal. 

**Please allow 2-3days for custom garland kits to be ready for postage, same day/next day does not apply to Custom kits

**Please note it can be difficult to match exact colours from internet images due to filters, lighting, balloon layering & photo editing. We will match the colours as close as possible. Colours may vary on different screens and devices. 

Custom Colour DIY Mini Balloon Garland kit includes mini balloons, standard balloons, 2m garland strip and instructions. 

Custom Colour DIY Mini Balloon Garland is approximately 2 metres in length when assembled and we recommend using a balloon pump to inflate your balloons.

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