Pastel - Cake Table Bundle (Mint)


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Decorate and style a beautiful Pastel Party cake table for your celebration with everything you need together in one easy bundle! 

This Pastel Cake Table Bundle is perfect for a birthday celebration at home or in a park, includes everything needed for up to 20 guests. 

Save time browsing around trying to find all the individual items you need for your pastel party with our Pastel 'Cake Table' Party Bundle! Everything you need to style a celebration cake table is included in one easy pack.

Pastel Cake Table Bundle includes:
1x Pastel Mini DIY Balloon Garland Kit (2m)
1x Balloon Pump
1x Pastel Pink paper dessert plates (10pack) 
1x Pastel Lilac paper dessert plates (10pack) 
1x Pastel Blue paper napkins (40pack) 
1x Wooden spoons (24pack) 
1x Pastel Mint Paper Table Runner (4m) 
1x Pastel Tassel Garland (10pack) 

Total Value $104.68 (You Save $9.73!)


I have more than 20 guests - Simply add any additional packs of plates, wooden spoons and napkins from our range depending on your group size. 

What else do I need?  Don't forget candles!

And if you are making your own cake - Pastel Mix cake sprinkles and a cake topper.

Complete your party by adding: Take home favour boxes - Milk Boxes, Bon Bons or Lunch Boxes, Foil number balloon